'Hat' Play at Navy Pier

Navy Pier would like to introduce ‘Hat’ play at Navy Pier in Chicago. Why? Because, sometimes the simplest things in life can be the most fun!


The friendly folks at Navy Pier’s Sports Store and DC Mad Hatter aren’t horsing around, they’re ‘hatting’ around and they want to show you how!

What is Navy Pier ‘Hat’ Play?


Some say we all wear different hats throughout our day, here at Navy Pier in Chicago, not only do we enjoy a bit of ‘hat’ play everyday, we also encourage everyone we meet to do the same!


Whether you’re looking for a specific Chicago sports team’s hat at The Sports Store or just playing around inside DC’s Mad Hatter at Navy Pier in Chicago, there’s always room, even in the tightest of schedules, for a minute of ‘hat’ play!


How do you ‘Hat’ around at Navy Pier?


We all know what ‘horse’ play is and most importantly, what it can lead to…right Moms?  But what about ‘hat’ play? It’s been shown in countless (and definitely made up) surveys that ‘hat’ play can be a safe alternative to ‘horse’ play and is recommended by the Surgeon General herself!


Not really…but it sure is loads of fun to put on an Egyptian Pharaohs’ hat or a haughty feather-filled burlesque headdress and take some pictures of you and you’re friends doing their best (or worst) impersonations!


DC Mad Hatter and the Sports Store at Navy Pier in Chicago


DC Mad Hatter gives Navy Pier visitors the opportunity to buy a hat or personalize your very own.  DC Mad Hatter also offers embroidery or embroidered items. Please call 312-595-5594.


The Sports Store at Navy Pier in Chicago allows fans to revel in this apparel and souvenir store dedicated to great sports teams. Visitors can purchase jerseys, pins, caps and more from pro sports teams. Please call: 312-245-5200.


Navy Pier is synonymous with fun things to do in Chicago, and now that you’ve gotten the scoop on ‘hat’ play at Navy Pier in Chicago, why not come down and strut your stuff or try and walk like an Egyptian…

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