Neighborhoods of the World: Africa in Chicago

Yes, you read it right! Since it is hard for many of us to travel to Africa we are bringing Africa to Chicago! Although it would be nice to go to Africa and explore, many of us are unable to visit for different reasons. So we will make you feel right at home!

African history into the United States

As many of us know, many Africans came to the United States in intend for slavery. A lot of them were not aware of this, or the conditions they would be traveling in. A lot of Africans did not make it to land. Which of course caused a lot of controversy that lead too many movements.

One of the greatest movements that came from this was that of the Civil Rights Movement. Africans were tired of being treated poorly and being able to do as much as the whites. The Civil Right Movement brought along many legends: Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and many more. They did not give up easily and made sure everyone was treated equally. Once laws were passed that Africans were to be treated just like everyone else, a second wave of immigrates came in.

The second wave of immigration happened between the years1980-2000, due to the Refuge act opening doors to Africans. Due to these movements and Africans being brought into the world is why we can celebrate our first African-American President. Without Martin Luther King, Jr. and other legends fighting for African rights then we will still live in a segregated country.

Learn more!

A lot to take in right? Enjoy the culture first hand and experience why it is such a great culture to explore! Check out Navy Pier’s, Neighborhoods of the World. Navy Pier will be celebrating Africa in Chicago April 8th from 12 p.m till 5 p.m.

So come out and enjoy 5 long hours of fun and become educated. Enjoy music, authentic food, dancing, art, and much more! Hope to see you there!

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